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Trauma and stress exist on the same continuum. This means that for events that cause an intense reaction, something we would describe as "stressful" could become trauma without time and resources that promote recovery. Trauma occurs when the impact of an event or events last much longer than the event itself. It can come from "too much too soon, too much for too long, or not enough for too long."  Trauma disorders occur when remembering an event causes intense symptoms of overwhelm and avoidance becomes a predominant way of coping with memories and reminders. 
Are you struggling with an event from your past that is impacting your present?
Trauma assessment is focused on understanding symptoms and our innate ability to survive even the most stressful events. You deserve to know more about how your brain works. 
Trauma therapy is focused on your specific goals for quality of life. I practice evidence-based therapies that are tested and proven to heal the effects of trauma disorders. Most people are scared that trauma therapy will have them reliving their trauma experiences- not true. Your needs for safety and privacy will be valued and honored in the process. 
You will learn skills and resources to deepen your understanding of your strength and resources. You will deepen your connection to yourself and to others. 

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