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Adult ADHD

ADHD is a condition that is assessed and confirmed through a process of neuropsychological testing. If you are looking for testing, diagnosis or confirmation of a diagnosis, or medication options - talk to your primary care doctor to discuss testing and treatment options.
At Mynd Integrated, I focus on helping people understand confirmed diagnosis of ADHD and your specific goals related to problem areas stemming from ADHD.  My focus is on helping you understand executive functions and what impacts good functioning. We can revisit specific aspects of your self and your abilities to build skills and understand yourself in the context of having a fast brain. I will help you identify how personal, professional, and relational goals are related to ADHD or executive functioning issues.
A fast brain is a brilliant brain, how can you learn to appreciate and celebrate all of the positive aspects?
We will work together to deepen your understanding of the many aspects of executive function and assess which areas are important for you to address. 
Your goals and treatment are individualized around areas of importance to you. 
A fast brain asks for just enough structure to make certain tasks attainable. We will work on building strategies that are clear and functional for you. We will work on creating a clear understanding of anything standing in the way of your goals. 

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