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Supervision/ Consultation

I am currently providing clinical supervision to individuals and trauma-informed agencies. 

Dr. Hagen's supervision experience includes clinical supervision to counselor trainees in masters counseling programs, pre-licensure counselors, and to direct service advocates and case managers in social service agencies. Supervision provides opportunities for professional development, improvements in case conceptualization, skills-based work, and peer case consultation in the areas of general mental health, trauma, or anxiety conditions. 

Dr. Hagen's experiences with mental health consultation have been on grant funded projects. Notable collaborations include project development on, an online survivor-informed training series. Also, in collaboration with advocacy and law enforcement agencies in North Dakota, I have provided consultation, training, supervision, and counseling for a specialized Employee Assistance Program - RST (Resilience.Support.Therapy.) for professionals working in high stress exposed fields to reduce compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary traumatic stress. Check it out here: I have facilitated education at local and national conferences and staff and community trainings on survivor-informed care, trauma-informed services, and trauma-informed communities. 

Dr. Hagen is a Licensed Counselor Supervisor in the state of North Dakota for LPC and LPCC level counselors.
Am I a good fit for you as a supervisor or Consultant?
We will begin with a phone, zoom, or in-person conversation about your needs. I love working with individuals or agencies that are already committed to trauma-informed services and want to go deeper with their conceptualization and skills. 
My areas of expertise include interpersonal trauma, trauma services for adolescents and adults, issues of abuse, anxiety disorders, functional health for Adults with ADHD, mentorship, and secondary traumatic stress and wellness for professionals. 
Rates vary depending on project. If you're interested, reach out to me at and we will discuss more!
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