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Interpersonal Growth & Identity Development

Interpersonal growth refers to a desire to grow within and through your relationships. Maybe your counseling needs are not related to a clinical issue like Trauma, Anxiety, or ADHD, but you would like to work with me to discuss patterns in your relationships that keep you from feeling fully satisfied. This is worth your investment! One of the ways we stay most healthy is by having healthy relationships. Relationships help us reduce stress, experience joy, and feel a deep sense of belonging. 

Like our relationship with others, our relationship to self also needs attention. There are universal times in our human existence that call for deep reflection on our identity and desires such as a new city, relationship, profession or job, or a significant loss. Working on identity development in counseling means that you have reached a point where you can explore past versions of yourself to create more consciousness and intentional action. 
Are your relationships a source strength? 
Counseling will help you explore your relationship patterns that may be affecting your current issues or stressors. We will explore experiences of relational anxiety and your personal goals for change. Goals for counseling with identity development are personalized and determined by you. 
Based on your goals we will create opportunities for deeper reflection and exploration of your past, current, and future needs. We will discuss the concept of secure attachment and how your experiences in relationships have promoted or reduced your ability to feel safe in relationship with yourself and others. 
 We will unpack your thoughts and begin to sift through to find greater meaning. Then we will work toward consistent practices that promote secure relationships so you can find health and balance in your relationships.

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